Kindergarten News 2-21-2020

by | Feb 21, 2020

February 21, 2020


I hope everyone enjoyed their week off.   Before the break the children celebrated their 100th day of school- thank you to the parents who came to help with the centers.  The children colored a 100 mystery picture, did a 100 exercise activity, built with 100 cups, created pictures using the numbers 1-0-0 and dabbed 100 dots.  In the classroom the children also made a 100 beaded necklace, found the numbers 1-100 around the classroom then put them back in number order to make a 100 chart, made a 100 days smarter crown, listened to 100 day stories and 100 day music and movement activities!

Valentine’s day was also celebrated before the break.  The children handed out their Valentine’s and worked on a couple of crafts.  Thank you to the parents who sent in the Valentine snack and drinks.

This coming week (February 24- 28) the children will be:

  • Introduced tp composing and decomposing numbers 4-7. (this is an introduction to addition and subtraction- how you can take apart a number,  4 is 2 and 2; 5 is 2 and 3  How you can make a number, 2 and 2 is 4, 3 and 2 is 5)
  • Reviewing the parts of a sentence- a subject part, a verb part, starting a sentence with an uppercase letter, leaving spaces between words and ending the sentence with a period
  • Reviewing our 59 words- introduce words bed, but, best, are, now
  • Introduced to the letter Bb, printing Bb, sound /b/, words that begin with B, Alpha Friend ‘Benny Bear’, song Benny Bear
  • Read and discuss the stories Home for a Tiger, Turtle Splash, Where do Animals Live 
  • Discussing the season of Lent as a time to grow closer to Jesus by being more loving, helpful and caring, discuss Ash Wednesday.  Attend Mass on Wednesday.

Please continue to practice our words to know:

a            am            an            and            at

black    blue          boy          brown       by

can        cat           color        come         cut

day        do           down        eight         end

fast       five          four          girl            green  

had       hat          have         hot             I

like       love         man         me             my

name   nine         not           one            orange

purple  red          run           see             seven

six        sun           ten           the             three  

to         two           up             we             what

white   with         yellow      you

Upcoming words and letter sound:  Week of:

February 24: are   bed   best   but   now (letter sound /b/)

March 2: help   him   off   on    out (review sounds)

March 9: if    in   is   it how   (letter sound /i/)

March 16: big   find   get   take   this  (letter sound /g/)

March 23: be   he    ran    she    tree    will  (letter sound /r/)