Hangzhou Metro Line 16 Tips

by | May 2, 2021

Hangzhou Metro Line 16 of the Hangzhou City (Chinese: 杭州地铁16号线; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě shíliù hào xiàn) is a city line operating east-west from Lvting Roadway in Yuhang Area to Jiuzhou Road in Lin’an Area. Hangzhou Metro Line 16 is tinted light orange on system maps. The line started building in very early 2016 and opened up on 23 April 2020. At present, 21 vehicles on Line 16 have been in place, and the vehicle is a 4-section B-type group, which is 120 kilometers long. This is also the first line of Hangzhou to reach the speed , and the one-way run time is around 35 minutes. The B-type drum car used on the 16th line is the same as the train on hangzhou metro Line 2. Only 4 of the train on the 16th line is less than two of the existing metro line 1, 2, 4, and 5, which is based on the original traffic forecast. The passenger volume is about 1,000.


Hangzhou Metro Line 16 Map
Hangzhou Metro Line 16 Map

Opening timeline

Segment Commencement Length Station(s) Name
Lvting Road — Jiuzhou Street 23 April 2020 34.41 km (21.38 mi) 12 Phase 1
Hangzhou Metro Line 16 opening timeline


Station To Lüting Road First Train To Jiuzhou Street First Train To Lüting Road Last Train To Jiuzhou Street Last Train
Jiuzhou Street 06:10 22:33
Lin’an Square 06:13 06:34 22:36 23:07
Zhejiang A&F University 06:17 06:30 22:40 23:02
Qingshan Lake 06:19 06:26 22:42 22:58
Babaili 06:22 06:23 22:45 22:56
Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City 06:19 06:19 22:49 22:52
Nanfeng 06:23 06:34 22:54 22:47
South Lake 06:26 06:31 22:56 22:44
Zhongtai 06:20 06:28 22:59 22:41
Yuhang Road 06:23 06:25 23:03 22:38
Fengxin Road 06:27 06:22 23:07 22:35
Lüting Road 06:20 22:33
Hangzhou Metro Line 16 timeable


Lüting Road: Transfer to Line 3Hangzhou Metro Line 5

Surroundings and Bus Routes

Jiuzhou Street Surroundings: Jiuzhou Street, Yunjin Road, Shuangyong Road, Lin’an District Sports Culture Stadium, Tianmu Middle School, Lin’an Maternal and Child Care Service Centre, Lin’an Orthopaedics Hospital Bus Routes: Lin’an Bus Line 803 & 816 & 819A Lin’an Square Surroundings: Wanma Road, Chengzhong Street, People’s Square, Lin’an Renjia Community, Guangchang Huayuan Community, Chengzhong Huayuan Community, Chenxi Primary School, Wanhua Shopping Mall, Industrial and Commercial Bank, KFC, China Unicom, McDonald’s Bus Routes: Lin’an Bus Line 810 & 813 & 824 & 825 & 850 Zhejiang A&F University Surroundings: Wusu Street, North Shaoxi Street, Yijin Street, Keji Avenue, Zhejiang A&F University, Lindong Community, Jincheng Huafu Community, Lindong Park, Lin’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Bus Routes: Lin’an Bus Line 806 & 809A & 834 & 846 & 8891 & 8892 Qingshan Lake Surroundings: Qingshan Lake, Ruilan Temple, Yun’an Town, Tongren Shangzhuang Community, Xiangwang Temple Bus Routes: 599, 809A, 834, Lin’an Bus Line 834 & 846 Babaili Surroundings: Baibali Jiayuan Community, Manyunfu Community, Liuzhuang Community, Huguangshanshe Community, Jinrui Babaili, Sanqianke Hotel, Qingshan Lake Holiday Resort Bus Routes: 599, 834, Lin’an Bus Line 846 Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Surroundings: Dayuan Road, West Binhe Road, Tianzhu Street, Dayuan Xincheng Community, Tianyang Weilan Community, Cuiziyuan Community, Jiayuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Construction Bank Bus Routes: 465, 599, 852, Lin’an Bus Line 834 & 847 & 863 Nanfeng Surroundings: Zhounan Road, No.329 National Road, Banqiao Mountain, Shanghong Village, Wangjiafu Kindergarten Bus Routes: 381, 475, Lin’an Bus Line 835 & 848 South Lake Surroundings: Tongjiaxiang Park, Chuanqiao Mountain, South Lake, Zhongqiao Village, Zhuqiao Village, Rongying Hotel, Danche Hotel Bus Routes: 381, 475 Zhongtai Surroundings: Zhongtai Road, Hangtai Road, South Huanyuan Road, Zhonghui Jiayuan Community, Jin’antixiang Community, Zhongtai Commercial City, Huachun Science Park, Zhongtai Central Primary School, Zhongtai Middle School, Taicheng Hotel, STO Express Bus Routes: 311, 367, 381, 408M, 474A, 474B, 474C, 475, 789 Yuhang Road Surroundings: Yuhang Road, Jinyin Road, Jingyu Road, Xinmingbandao Community, Huawuxinyuan Community, Tingyuanshenshen Community, Yuhang Industrial Park, Gaoju Industrial Park Bus Routes: 346, 356, 381, 408M, 461, 471, 474, 475, 476, 506, 789, B4 Fengxin Road Surroundings: Fengxin Road, Hemu Road, Dongxi Avenue, Ruicheng Huayuan Community, Wenshajun Community, Fudi Shangcheng Community, Xinhu Guoling Community Bus Routes: 367, 408M, 461 Lüting Road Surroundings: Lüting Road, Linyang Village, Gexiang Community, Qingfeng Shuyuan Community, Jingrui Yuanshu Community, Wutong Temple, Century Supermarket Bus Route: 476

Construction process

On November 28, 2019, Hangzhou Metro Line 16 officially entered the trial operation stage. At 16:30 on April 23, 2020, Hangzhou Metro Line 16 was officially opened.