Mrs. Susanne McKay



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Good Day ICS family!!!  I want to formally say hello 🙂  This is my first year at ICS.  I spent the last year and a half at St. Amelia as the 7th/8th grade Literacy teacher.   

I can’t wait to help the students here explore all the different technology software and hardware that we have available to us .  Also, along with technology I also teach 6th grade Math.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Class News

The 8th Grade is going to be building an interactive yearbook using Google Slides.  Remember the good times for your time here is almost up.

The 7th Grade is starting their virtual field trips using Google Slides.  They will be researching and reporting on their findings in an interactive manner.

The 6th Grade is working on reading binary code, what do all those number mean????




These are the websites that we use in technology class for differnt activities.  These are all free and can be used at home.





Sites to help you study – search a topic and there are questions to help you study various topics.