Ms. Roxanne Perry

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Welcome to the ICS Computer Lab

Our technology program at Immaculate Conception School focuses on preparing our students for their future tasks both in their private life as well as their school career. As the technology teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to teach them those skills necessary to be successful members of their community. 

Please find a copy of our Acceptable Use Policy here.

  • Our graduated 8th graders installed hard drives in our new computers that were donated by computersforlearning.gov. We just finished our unit on the parts of a computer so these guys were all set to go! Hey Apple and BestBuy, give these kids a job!

ICS Curriculum 

We focus on 3 parts of skill sets in our computer lab. The first part is keyboarding for grades 3-8 and basic computer knowledge for grades k-2. The second piece focuses on digital citizenship, a concept that can not be ignored in our world today. The third area of study focuses on computer science. This would include more intricate components of a computer or networking system, knowledge of widely used software programs, as well as coding and programming itself. 

Google Classroom

We use the Google platform for most of what we accomplish in computer class. This is a fantastic way to teach the students about web based software. We are also able to set up and utilize the Google Classroom feature which is an excellent way for students to access their assignments and for parents to see what their child has been doing in the computer lab.


Grades K-3 need headphones from home in a labeled bag. We keep these in the computer class for them to use at any time. Grades 4-8 need EARBUDS in a labeled bag that they will carry with them from class each time they come. We want them to use earbuds for a few reasons, the biggest being that it will be easier for them to find a spot for them in their classroom or bookbag. We also encourage sending inexpensive headphones/earbuds to school as sometimes they become lost or broken. Grades 3-8 MUST bring their earbuds to class EVERY day. 

This is part of their grade and will be marked as unprepared if they do not have them for class that day.

We will be doing a lot of online learning through Kahn Academy, code.org, and various other web based learning platforms that require the students to listen to instructive videos or directions. Please help your child come to class prepared by making sure they have the materials they need. I have purchased some earbuds for the students to borrow in case they forgot or misplaced theirs so that they may keep up with class work. So far the kids have been really great about remembering them!



We were blessed to work with EdTech as well as computersforlearning.gov to get an entire lab of Dell computers. Each computer runs a linux based operating system which allows the students to see a different software platform. 

We also have a small set of iPads for group work within their classes as well as a class set of laptops. (Dell and Apple)

Throughout the school, the children will see Apple desktops in their classrooms as well as in the Library. 

The lower grades have a set of laptops that they can sign out to use in class.

We also have a two class sets of Chromebooks that the upper grades share. 

Students that meet in the Resource Room or get extra AIS help have access to Apple desktop computers as well as a set of Chromebooks. 

Large Interactive boards can be found in almost every classroom. The students love to engage in interactive learning and so do our teachers!