Science K-6, Social Studies 6


Miss Brittany Bender

STREAM Coordinator
(716) 652-5855


Community Partnership - Interdisciplinary: Connecting Subject Areas - PBL: Relevant or Real Life Application - Hands On/Building/Engineering - Technology Based

Welcome Back Students & Families!

I look forward to a new and exciting year teaching sixth grade english, social studies, and science. Along with 5th grade science. This year we will learn a lot of new things and explore some interesting science topics through hands on science labs. We will be reading Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, Bud Not Buddy and Flush in english class this year. In social studies we will be focsuing on world history. After a brief review of geographical terms and concepts, we will begin studying the Stone Age and the early civilizations of Egypt, Fertile Crescent, China, and India. Next, the country of Greece and the Roman Empire will be discussed. The Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation will be covered as well as the development of the countries of England and France. 

Class Expectations:                   

  • Always come to class prepared and ready to learn
  • Treat your teacher and classmates with respect
  • Complete homework and classwork ontime
  • Take responsibility for your own actions