Physical Education



Mr. Mark Mozrall

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Welcome to Physical Education at Immaculate Conception School!

Gym Class Dress Code: 

Kindergarten- Students will not be changing their clothes for their gym class.  Please have your child wear or bring sneakers with some sort of clasping device (laces, Velcro, etc.) to wear to class.  It is also a good idea to avoid clothing that may impede your child’s movement during our activities (long skirts). 

Grades 1-8- Students will be changing out of their school uniforms for gym class.  Please initialize clothing on the tags to prevent loss of items as well as bringing a bag to put the clothes in.  Work with your child at home if they have difficulties with buttons, snaps, and tying of shoes. 

Students must wear the following for class to be allowed to participate in the day’s lesson: 

1) T- shirt- no tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps or uniform undershirts.  Make sure any wording or pictures on the shirt are of an appropriate nature. Your child may wear a long sleeve shirt or hoodie during colder times of the year. 

2) Shorts or athletic pants (jogging pants or sweatpants).  Jeans will not be allowed. 

3) Sneakers with some sort of clasping device (laces, Velcro, etc.). Slip on sneakers will not be allowed as they may come off during our activities.  

*There are special days during the year that the school allows as “Dress-Down Days”.  During these days students are not required to wear ICS uniforms to school.  Appropriate Gym clothes must still be brought in to participate and receive credit for physical education classes that fall on these days.

Grading is broken down into the following parts:

Grades 3-8

75% Preparation, Participation and Behavior

15% cognitive and psycho-motor assessments

10% Data collection results (pedometer use)