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Math - Advanced 7th & 8th


Mrs. Mary Ellen Rosati

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About Mrs. Rosati

This is my fourth year teaching at Immaculate Conception School. I came from St. Vincent de Paul School after it closed in June, 2014. At St. Vincent's I was 8th grade homeroom teacher and taught Religion 8, Math 6-8, Algebra, and ELA/Literature 7. Prior to that I taught at St. Martin of Tours School and St. Thomas Aquinas School

Religion 7 students entered a diocesan contest encouraging vocations, They had to draw a symbol representing a vocation and explain its meaning. The top entries were forwarded to the diocese for further judging against students in other Catholic schools and religious ed programs.    

Advanced 7th Grade Math is solving two-step equations and writing equations from real-world situations presented in word problems.

Math 8 is graphing linear equations by finding the slope and y-intercept, or x- and y-intercepts, or making a table. We are also finding solutions to systems of equations by graphing or substitution. Students are encouraged to go to ixl,com to practice and review, They should expect a quiz each week as this is an important topic leading them to success in completing 8th grade Math, as well as in future Math classes.