I am happy to welcome you to the Immaculate Conception School website. I often ask myself what makes Immaculate Conception School such a unique and special place, different from other schools. As the only Catholic school in East Aurora, Immaculate Conception has a reputation within the local community for excellence: hard working teachers and students, a close-knit Home School Association, proud sports teams, and students who go on to succeed, in high school and college.

Our Catholic faith is central. Just like planted seeds are nurtured and tended so they grow, the seeds of faith planted by God are nourished with daily prayer and liturgical practice, celebration of saints and holy days, and community service projects. Working with the Religious Education Program and Youth Ministry, our school is just one part of a larger parish faith community.

We are challenged by the Common Core Learning Standards. Our students have always excelled in English Language Arts and we have renewed our focus and efforts in Math. At the same time, the collaborative efforts we use to provide an outstanding Science Program are being replicated toward the Arts and beyond.

We offer diverse extra-curricular activities, service opportunities, and cultural experiences. Our students are often called upon to help others and to render services to many groups. Just as we help to make them aware of the needs of others who are less fortunate, we open wide their world to other cultures through art, music, and play.

Our community at Immaculate Conception School is unique. With parents, teachers, students, parishioners, and parish staff, we form happy, confident students who are ready to make a difference wherever they go.


Mr. Scott C. Kapperman M.S., Ed.