Thursday Folder

What is the Thursday Folder?

At ICS, a folder system is used (given out each Thursday) to convey important information about the school and includes a weekly school newsletter, and flyers, etc. as well as current information about upcoming events and things to know throughout the school year. The Thursday Folder is also a reliable way to communicate with your childs' teachers (via notes), and/or send in forms, payments, etc. for various events and activities.

Students/Parents are encouraged to return this folder as soon as possible back to the school after it has been received at home. If there are multiple siblings in a family, the Thursday Folder will be given to the eldest. There is only ONE folder given per family.

If you are on one our Event Committees, or have important information you would like to share with the parents of ICS, please contact our secretary Mrs. Phyllis Harmon at 652-5855. She can help to either include your request into the weekly newsletter, or can include your flyer, etc. into the Thursday Folder distribution.