Our Mission Statement

Immaculate Conception School is dedicated to providing our students with a quality education true to the Catholic tradition where academic excellence is pursued by all. Our faith is modeled and taught, expressed in worship and prayer, and uniquely lived in service to others. Our high standards are based upon the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines and the New York State Learning Standards.

We encourage each child to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. We hope to nurture students who will be dedicated to life-long learning and who will make a positive difference in the world.


As A STREAMSchool We Follow the STREAM Curriculum



Community Partnership - Interdisciplinary: Connecting Subject Areas - PBL: Relevant or Real Life Application - Hands On/Building/Engineering - Technology Based

Grades K-4 will visit the science lab one day each week and experience hands on application in a particular area that coincides with the science curriculum in their classroom.


Every marking period we run a STREAM Academy in our building K-8th. The kids love our STREAM days and look forward to them! Students are actively learning 21st Century Skills. 

The 4C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking

Students are encouraged to follow the Engineering and Design Process laid out by NASA. Part of that critical step is using the four "C's".