Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch will be served once per month, normally the last Friday. If the last Friday does not work due to a school calendar conflict, we will communicate the day on the order form available on line. Information regarding the workers, bakers, menu and price will be included on the form. You will not be called to work or bake. The individuals on the sheet signed up according to their Family Service Agreement. Please contact our Hot Lunch Coordinator if you are not on the list and would like to volunteer to work or bake.

The Hot Lunch program works on a cash system only. Please use exact change, as it will be nearly impossible to return change. The program does not accept checks or credit. The order form and money need to arrive at the school no later than the date listed on the order form.

Drinks and treats are available everyday - Prices are as follows: 

Rice Krispie Treats = .40
Fruit Cups = .40 
Nutrigrain Bars = .40

Fresh Fruit (seasonal)  .40 
Milk = .35 
Juice = .25 
Small Water = .35 
Ice Cream (available Mon & Wed only) = .50