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As a school community, we have chosen fundraising as a way of keeping the cost of tuition down. Please scroll down to learn about the major fundraisers we currently participate in. New ideas for fundraising are always welcome!

SCRIP – Gift Card Purchase Program

The SCRIP program involves purchasing gift cards for stores that you would normally shop at anyway, then use these in lieu cash or charge. Cards are available for all kinds of places including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, department stores, etc. The percentage of the profit for our school varies based on the place. Anyone can participate in this program and you can even collect orders from your family and friends to help build our profit! Be sure to check with family, neighbors, and friends to see if they would like to support our fundraiser while making shopping easier for them!

Where can I get them?
SCRIP gift cards can be purchased in the church vestibule after each mass; directly from the Rectory during their open hours, or by sending Becky Davidson an order via email. Please contact Becky at bdavidson393@gmail.com for any other questions about the SCRIP program.

Please click the link below to see a list of participating vendors.

  • SCRIP Cards PDF
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    Box Tops for Education

    Send in any of those brightly colored Box Tops for Education labels and you will be helping us to raise money for our school. This is an easy fundraiser that we can all do by simply grocery shopping. Often times the kids get really excited about this as well and will help remind us to save the labels before recycling! Start saving today and send them in! CLICK HERE to see where you can find Box Tops.


    Paper Recycling

    Recycle your paper and support our school. Your recyclable paper is now being accepted in the green and yellow "Paper Retriever" bins located in the parking lot next to the school entrance. Immaculate Conception School will be paid for the paper deposited in the bin. Please donate your used:
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Shopping catalogs
    • Office and school paper
    • Junk Mail
    • Spiral notebooks and stapled paper
    • Paperback books, hardcover books (just remove the covers)
    • Manilla folders
    • Construction paper
    • Shredded paper (place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag)
    • Cardboard and kitchen/bathroom paper are NOT accepted


    Target Red Card

    This is another easy fundraiser that raises funds from Target through use of Target Red cards. All you need to do is go online and register your Target Red Card with our school. It's that easy! From then on, anytime you use your Red Card at Target our school gets a percentage of the profit!

    To enroll your Target Red Card or check the school's balance, CLICK HERE
    The School ID# for Immaculate Conception School is 11456.

    Target donates an amount equal to one percent (1%) of your Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card or Target Debit Card purchases (minus returns and sales tax) at any Target store and Target.com. Target will track purchases made on participating Target Credit Cards, Target Visa Credit Cards, and Target Debit Cards, and will distribute the accumulated donations to schools in September.


    Pot O' Gold

    Our Pot of Gold Sweepstakes raises over $25,000 for our school each year making it our number one fundraiser. Every year we sell 1,000 tickets at $50 each. We then give away $25,000 in prizes at our annual party, including the grand prize of $10,000. The net proceeds from the Pot of Gold directly benefit Immaculate Conception School and our children.


    Festa Con Vino

    Each Fall Immaculate Conception School Parents host a silent auction with food, music, and drink in an autumn setting. The Festa raises about $20,000 from a great variety of donated gift items: tickets for sporting events, dinners, theatre, concerts, art work, donated services, family fun and the unusual. It is a wonderful social event for adults of all ages.


    Christmas Bazaar

    Usually the first weekend in December, the school gymnasium and cafeteria are transformed into a country Christmas wonderland, with booths for adults and children, alike. There are silent auction gift baskets, a "cake walk", gift item booths,hand-made items for both giving and decorating, Christmas wreathes, specialty booths for children, photos with Santa, etc.Parish groups, like the Boy Scouts, offer food for dining in, as well as a booth with Christmas cookies for take home.


    Easter Candy Sale

    Beginning right after the Christmas break, flyers advertising the Easter Candy Sale go home in the Thursday Family Folder. The sale is optional, but allows families and friends the opportunity to purchase candy for Easter. It can be a great fundraiser, and raises about $3,000 at present.


    Tops In Education


    Our school participates in TOPS In Education, a fundraising program created by TOPS Friendly Markets. The TOPS In Education program gives our school the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for school improvements and programs throughout this school year.

    You can help! Here's how to get started:
    1) Register your TOPS BonusPlus or BonusCard and select Immaculate Conception School in East Aurora  from the list found at TopsMarkets.com/Education.
    2) Shop at TOPS and purchase participating TOPS brand, TopCare, Full Circle, Best Yet or Valu Time products with your TOPS BonusPlus.
    3) TOPS then contributes a percentage of the purchase to Immaculate Conception School in East Aurora.
    It only takes a minute of your time to make a huge difference for our school. Register your TOPS BonusPlus and select our school today so we don't miss out on any funds this year.

    To learn more about the TOPS in Education program, including information about participating products and tools to spread the word about TOPS in Education to your family and friends, visit TopsMarkets.com/Education.