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Science K-6, Social Studies 6


Miss Brittany Bender
STREAM Coordinator, Science K-6, Social Studies 6


About Miss Bender: I am a graduate student from Medaille College. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood/Childhood Education Birth-6th grade. I also have a Master's Degree in Literacy. This is my second year teaching at Immaculate Conception and I am eager to be apart of a wonderful school community. 

Science and STREAM Curriculum:


Community Partnership - Interdisciplinary: Connecting Subject Areas - PBL: Relevant or Real Life Application - Hands On/Building/Engineering - Technology Based

Grades K-4 will visit the science lab one day each week and experience hands on application in a particular area that coincides with the science curriculum in their classroom. I work with the primary teachers to align science lab with the work that is being done in the classroom during science time.

Every Friday afternoon we run a STREAM Academy in our building K-8th. Students are actively learning 21st Century Skills (The 4C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking) to prepare them for a bright future.



In SEPTEMBER Students will be learning:


 K Students will be learning about the properties of matter
 1  Students will be learning about structures using the ESP Kit. They will learn about architecture and buildings
 2  Students will be learning about space, the sun and earth. They will also learn the causes of day and night
 3  Students will be learning about animals and their habitats
 4  Students will be learning about kingdoms of livings things. They will also learn how to classify plants and animals
 5  Students will be learning the basic science process skills. They will also learn how scientists learn about the natural world
 Science 6  Students will learn about space. They will receive an observation journal and have to observe the sky every night
Social Studies 6 Students will begin with review of geography. They will then learn about humans and the beginning of society

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