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Welcome to Art at Immaculate Conception, where every child is an artist!


Mrs. Mary Bonanno

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About Mrs. Bonanno

I hold a New York State Masters Degree in Art and Elementary Education from Medaille College.  While teaching second grade, I was awarded the Anton Banko Award for Excellence in Teaching Science for New York State K-2 Teachers.   After teaching 2nd Grade at Immaculate Conception School for 13 years, I am now currently the Art Teacher for grades K - 8.  

What's new in the art room?

A new name for the art room. It is now called Art Studio 101. The name reflects the working effort displayed each day by the artists in training.  When we use our artistic gifts and talents, we praise God!

We will continue to refine artistic talents as well as discover new ones, experiment with materials and new techniques, inspire and share ideas, maintain a sketchbook, appreciate famous artists to become ART SMART, while loving every minute of it!

The ART STUDIO 101 class schedule is as follows:

Monday:  4th grade, 5th grade, and 8th grade

Tuesday:  3rd grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade

Thursday:  Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade  

In celebrating International Dot Day, which is September 15th...ish, we read/watch the video of Peter Reynolds reading his book, THE DOT.  The character, Vashti is encouraged by her art teacher to take a risk by persuading her to "just make a mark and see where it takes you."  Students across the board will create dot art....it is very exciting to see where a dot can take you!


Grades 3 - 8th are developing their drawing skills with the use of a sketchbook.  Weekly sketchbook assignments are given and expected to be completed for a grade and are due on the next art class.  Sketchbook assignments are graded. Late assignments are given partial credit.  8th grade students are given assignments via the Art Class on their Chromebook.  8th grade assignments are explained in class as well.

Kindergarten artists have been creating artwork that reinforces their knowledge of geometric shapes.  Students are also learning about artists such as Piet Mondrian.  They have recreated geometric designs using primary colors.  

First Grade artists have been experimenting with crayon resist designs.   The book, "Camille and the Sunflowers" by Lawrence Anholt has inspired these students to learn about Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings and techniques.

Second grade artists are learning about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh through the book, "The Starry Night," by Neil Waldman.  Artists are creating a starry night cityscape which will include the Statue of Liberty.

Third Grade artists have been learning the parts of a dragon fly to create their drawings.

Fourth Grade artists have taken a "field trip" to the church to study the bark and leaves of the birch trees on each side of the front door of the church.  Students are observing and using their artistic eyes to practice their drawing and watercolor skills, while incorporating details in their work.  Fourth grade artists also participated in an engineering workshop in class.  Instructors from Explore Buffalo showed a power point presentation of the rich architectural history of Buffalo, while discussing building styles and techniques.  Artists were then challenged to work in cooperative groups to design and build a building according to their "clients" specifications using Legos building blocks.  

Fifth Grade artists are creating one point perspective drawings using a vanishing point and a horizon line, while creating depth from the foreground to the background.

Sixth Grade artists are learning to use patterns to create Zentangle fall leaves.  Using the Elements of Design, artists created spaces with unique designs along with the use of color for contrast.

Seventh Grade artists are sketching drawings of birds.  These drawing will be painted using dry brush techniques to add detail and depth to their paintings.

Eight Grade artists took a walking field trip to the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora to observe the style and architecture of the buildings as well as the murals and furniture designed by famous artists.  Presently, artists are creating a radial one point perspective drawing of famous buildings around the world, once the drawings are complete, artists will use the building designs to create a color wheel.

SKETCHBOOK SPOTLIGHT  is a bulletin board on the first floor featuring sketchbook drawings from students in grades 3 - 8.  Keep an eye out for this ever changing display of amazing artwork!

The "A" in STREAM is for ART!