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8th Grade


Mr. Joseph Duttweiler

(716) 652-5855

SUPPLY LIST FOR 2016-17 (8th Grade)

About Mr. Duttweiler
I have been involved in Catholic education all of my life. I graduated from St. Paul's School in Kenmore and Canisius High in Buffalo. After receiving my degrees and teacher certifications from State University College of New York at Buffalo and State University of New York at Buffalo, I began my career in Catholic education. I have taught English and social studies at the middle school  and high school levels. In addition, I have been principal at two Catholic elementary schools. I returned to teaching eight years ago here at Immaculate Conception. I have the eighth grade homeroom and I teach eighth grade religion,  seventh, and eighth grade social studies; and seventh and eighth grade English.

RELIGION 8-   Test on Chapter 1 on Tuesday, September 26

SOCIAL STUDIES 7-   State assignment due on Friday, September 22 Map Assignment Grade 7 2017.doc


ENGLISH 7- THEME- A wealthy person wants to build something in East Aurora. Students are to explain THREE reasons why their idea for the new building would be a good one. Graphic organizer, rough draft, and final copy are due on Wednesday, September 27.

ENGLISH 8- THEME- Students are to write in response to a DBQ on slavery. Graphic organizer, rough draft, and final copy are due on Thursday, September 28.

Theme Information   Theme Assignments 2017.doc